Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lazy Sunday Project: Kimono Box Sachet

While waiting for some fabric to dry for another project I decided to hop on another idea that I have had in mind since I planted a lovely little lavender bush on my porch. As I am sure many other kimono enthusiasts agree, vintage kimono can sometimes come with a rather strong odor to them. Some don't mind it.... some do. I don't mind the smell of  paulownia wood, but Parfume De Mothballs honestly makes me feel a bit sick.  So with the help of some scrap fabric and some dried lavender buds from my porch lavender bush, I made a quick and simple sachet to fight the mothballs smell in my kimono storage.

Nothing fancy here, all of the materials I had around the house. I cut out the pieces and sewed them together while watching an old movie. 

**Note for those who are looking to do the same :The actual dried lavender buds are in cased in a separate pouch of thin cotton just to hold in any super small plant particles that may weasel their way through. Once I finished that simple pouch I stuffed it into the outer decorative pouch like you would stuff a pillow